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Birth Doula Support

Continuity of care during pregnancy, labor, and delivery is one of the most meaningful aspects of working with a doula. Here are some ways that often looks, although every family's needs are different:

  • Prenatal visits to build connection, provide resources, and discuss birth preferences

  • Continuous in-person support during labor and delivery

  • Immediate postpartum support

  • Postpartum follow-up visit

Perinatal Loss Support

Perinatal loss includes pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and neonatal death. Some of the ways a loss doula can support an individual or family during this time are:

  • In-person support and advocacy surrounding birth and/or clinical procedures

  • Provide a variety of informational resources and referrals 

  • Hold space to discuss experiences, options, and preferences

  • Practical assistance in planning for memorials and logistics

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